Our Commitment to Report

Health Africa Foundation (HAF) is committed to report to the donors or donating organization within agreed upon time frames, but at least two times per year on the use of the donated equipment and or supplies.

HAF recognizes the need for accountability to the donors and stakeholders supporting HAF’s mission. As such, the following reports will be shared with donors and stakeholders.

  1. Within 90 days of receiving a donation, HAF will send a written confirmation to the donor acknowledging receipt of the equipment, supplies and or funds.
  2. Within 6 months, HAF will issue a mid-year report including, but not limited to the activities resulting from the donation. This report will include information on the use of financial and material donations, photos and testimonies from beneficiaries at the implementation sites.
  3. An annual report will be shared with each donor or funding entity. Like the six-month, report, the annual report will include analysis on data obtained from the use of the donations, measurement of impact on the beneficiaries, hospital and community, as well as reflections on the lessons learned from the current implementation or use of the donation with the objective of continuous improvement in the implementation location.

HAF is committed to issue these reports, together with any other additional reporting requirements from the donor or funding entity, as part of its commitment to transparency and accountability to its strategic partners and stakeholders.