Thank You for Partnering with us!

HAF appreciates every gift donated whether in funding, equipment or supplies. Everything goes a long way towards delivering healthcare that saves lives!


We seek funding for training healthcare workers on improved diagnostic and treatment procedures,and local technicians on servicing and maintaining the donated equipment. Funding is also used to ship medical equipment and supplies from North America to Africa.

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HAF is a registered 501(c) 3 organization headquartered in Southampton, Pennsylvania, with a sub-office in Liberia.

To give by check, write it out to Health Africa Foundation and mail to:

Health Africa Foundation
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Southampton, PA 18966, USA


We seek donations of new or slightly used and functional medical equipment for Ganta United Methodist Hospital in Liberia. We also seek medical supplies to stock the hospital so it can serve the community effectively.

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Best Practice Commitment

HAF will observe the World Health Organization’s recommended best practices in the solicitation, distribution and use of medical devices, equipment and supplies donated by your entity. These include:

  • Building a strong working partnership with our funding partners, the recipient healthcare facility and HAF.
  • Dissemination of contextual information that enables our funding partners to donate devices that match the needs of the recipient healthcare facilities.
  • Reporting results and the use of equipment, as stated on our commitment to report.
  • Equipment will be matched to a facility based on its ability to use it and or willingness to train a technician to operate the equipment.