Ganta United Methodist Hospital

Health Africa Foundation has formed a partnership with Ganta United Methodist Hospital, one of five hospitals in Nimba county;
with the objective of increasing Ganta’s capacity to provide quality healthcare services to patients.

Established in 1926, Ganta serves a population of 450,000 people.

It is staffed by three physicians, one dentist and two intern medical students. It also has 36 nurses and 37 nurse assistants, four laboratory technicians, one X-ray and ultrasound technician and 134 healthcare workers.

This team serves more than 30,000 patients per year. Over half of the patients are suspected malaria cases, 30% are infant and maternal immunizations, and 5% are child deliveries. The maternity unit is equipped with 30 pediatric beds, two delivery beds and 36 maternity beds for the 100 deliveries that take place at the hospital each month.

Other equipment at the hospital includes one outdated X-ray machine that is used to produce an average of 65 X-rays per month, one ultrasound machine and three oxygen tanks. This equipment is shared between emergency services and outpatient, in-patient and pediatric wards.

Other medical supplies such as gloves, sterile needles, laboratory reagents and X-ray films are often in short supply, forcing the healthcare workers to make difficult choices that put themselves and the patients at risk of an infection.

Addressing the Need

Equipping Health Care Facilities with Medical Equipment/Supplies

Health Africa Foundation seeks donations of new or slightly used functioning medical devices, supplies and technical support in the form of training to use both diagnostic and treatment devices.

Examples of the needed equipment include ultrasound machines, X-ray machines, Doppler fetal monitors, Pediatric Scale/treatment tables, Stethoscopes, for diagnostic and treatment procedures at Ganta Hospital.

See a complete list below of equipment needed and the potential beneficiary population that will be served with your donation.

Improving Health Personnel Skills Through Training

Technical training in the use of diagnostic equipment complements existing healthcare workers’ skills considering the limited number of technicians to perform some of the diagnostics. Healthcare workers at Ganta Hospital will be trained by HAF on diagnostic procedures such as blood pressure and glucose monitoring techniques in response to the increasing cases of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in Liberia.

Additionally, HAF is seeking financial support to train clinicians on screening populations for other non-communicable diseases such as cancer.

Equipment, Supplies Needs & Potential beneficiaries